For the third time in a row, b.telligent is placed in the top 10 of the brand eins list of "Germany's best consultants".

Munich, April 16, 2018 – In the "Data Analytics & Big Data" category of the latest industry survey carried out by brand eins Wissen und Statista, b.telligent has again been rated one of Germany's leading consulting firms for business intelligenceCRM, big data and DWH.

For the fifth year: the special "Consulting" issue featuring the list of Germany's best

Who are the best consultants in the market? That is the question the team from brand eins Wissen and Statista has been asking each year for past five years. 293 large and small consulting firms – an altogether varied collection – made it onto their list. The idea behind the wide variation in sizes is to shed some light on a consulting services market for that continues to grow but at the same time is becoming increasingly confusing. The 293 consulting firms were therefore divided into 16 sectors and 18 fields of work, something that will not only serve as a guide for potential clients, but also for future job applicants and career starters. Some of the key questions the editorial team asked in the study were: "What makes a good consultant, who pays attention to practical implementation, and what working methods make for lasting success? The list of the best was created on the basis of recommendations from colleagues and customers.

B.telligent among the Top 10 in the Data Analytics & Big Data category

The fact that b.telligent has been ranked one of the top 10 German consultancies in the   "Data Analytics & Big Data" category for the third time in succession can be explained by the increasing number of interesting customer projects in the big data sector. The platinum awards b.intelligent received from the "Big Data Insider Awards" in 2015 and 2016 also demonstrate the strong position the consultancy has held for a number of years thanks to its technically knowledgeable consultants in this field. Managing Director Sebastian Amtage is delighted with the new award. "Receiving an award from eins Wissen und Statista for the third time in a row is a tremendous achievement for us," he said. "Many thanks to our industry colleagues and customers who have again confirmed the quality our work with their votes."

What procedure does the survey follow?

According to Statista, the statistical process for determining the best consultants in 2018 was the same as in previous years. The first step was to ask the consultants themselves which specific consulting firms they would recommend for which specialist field of consultancy. A total of 7,259 partners, principals and senior managers were contacted; 1,743 completed and returned the questionnaire. The second step was a customer survey, which was completed by approximately 1,500 senior managers. The list of the best emerged from the opinions of both of the groups surveyed. This revealed exactly who, like b.telligent, had built up a good reputation for itself on the market and had succeeded in impressing their customers.




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