b.telligent is tapping into new market segments by establishing three new competence centers

Munich, July 2, 2018 – In July 2018, b.telligent will open three new competence centers to tap into new market segments and to support decision-makers in medium-sized and large companies with the implementation of their data strategy, data governance, and enterprise reporting processes and technologies.

With the launch of three new competence centers: "Data Strategy", "Enterprise Reporting" and "Data Governance", b.telligent, one of the leading management consultancies for business intelligence, CRM, big data and DWH, will bring together strategy consulting with implementation expertise to create a service portfolio that is unique in the marketplace. The extensive experience that b.telligent has gained in hundreds of data-related projects over the past 15 years will now be available to major enterprises and decision-makers in these three new consulting segments.

Data strategies need to be customer-centric

Sebastian Wäschle, head of the Data Strategy competence center, will work with CEOs and senior management to develop strategies for extracting maximum value from their companies’ data. There will be a particular emphasis on automating processes, decisions and business models. "Focusing on the customer is the essential starting point for a modern data strategy. This is true for all sectors and industries. You have to really know your customers if you want to develop new services that provide exactly what they need and so generate new sales efficiently."

Data risk management with sister product Synabi

Data is the new gold and a company's most important asset in today's digitalized world. But do companies really treat their data like gold? b.telligent's Data Governance competence center helps companies establish processes, roles and rules for dealing with data. "We answer questions that are important to our customers about the value and pitfalls of using data for both risk management and artificial intelligence," says Dr. Jörg Westermayer, head of the competence center. "What data should I use for my risk-related or AI-automated decisions? Where do I get the data from? Which process is used to manage the data and who is responsible for its quality? Data governance is becoming an increasingly important topic, especially in fast-paced sectors like e-commerce and artificial intelligence."

Thanks to software company Synabi, b.telligent has a sister product that is able to map data and data flows. It is already being used very successfully in the banking sector.

Enterprise reporting for 1,000 and more users

The main target market for BI expert Christian Niembs at b.telligent's new Enterprise Reporting competence center is companies in German-speaking countries with enterprise reporting infrastructures for 100+ to 1,000+ and more users. "The topics that are occupying businesses of this size right now are the latest control concepts; the trends in data visualization for reporting content; which are the best report generator tools; how to solve operational challenges such as automated report tests; and what to consider when setting up a report factory. We help companies with large numbers of users to set up and establish the necessary standards and the appropriate reporting solutions". The Enterprise Reporting competence center specializes in standard and ad-hoc reporting systems.

"We expect the new competence centers managed by our experienced colleagues Christian Niembs, Sebastian Wäschle and Dr. Jörg Westermayer to greatly enhance our portfolio in the future," says Sebastian Amtage, managing director of b.telligent. "We are looking forward to seeing their first projects!"

About b.telligent

B.telligent is a consultancy company specializing in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and big data solutions for businesses operating in mass markets.
Its particular focus is on the continuous optimization of business processes and customer and supplier relationships using the insights gained from the consolidation and analysis of business data across systems. The result is higher margins, lower costs and better control of risks.
b.telligent’s customers are industry leaders from the fields of telecommunications, financial services, commerce and industry. In April 2018, b.telligent was voted one of Germany's best consultants in the "Data Analytics & Big Data" category.



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