Your Job Application

We are quite aware of how crucial it is for you to go through a fast and well-organized interview process, which includes quick feedback on your application, direct communication paths, and a contact person to answer your questions. At b.telligent, we normally take 2–3 weeks, but sometimes manage this even sooner.

What happens when I apply for a job?

Our relevant department interviews you first by phone or via a Web conference. We follow this up by inviting you for an interview in one of our offices. Naturally, we’ll help you as much as possible with your appointment and travel plans, so that you can prepare well for our in-depth interviews.


The interviews

For an associate position, you will be asked to give a 10-minute presentation during the recruiting process to demonstrate your knowledge. You may choose any topic, but this is usually agreed upon in advance with the interviewer. 

Interviews for (senior) consultant jobs are more traditional: mutual introductions, a host of questions, an exchange of project information, technical/professional qualifications, and mutual expectations. Depending on the opening, you will be interviewed again by company management, for which we will clarify the conditions in advance. Naturally, someone from our HR/Recruiting department will guide and support you throughout this process.

We strive to give each applicant a thorough look at our departments. This means that we not only present the various competence centers during the interview, but also walk you through our offices. We hold most of the interviews at our head office in Munich – but we can also arrange one at any of the other offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt a. M., Dusseldorf, or Stuttgart. If you apply from Switzerland, we will interview you at our office in downtown Zurich.

Soon after the interviews, we always try and get back to you personally about our decision.

We could tell you a lot about us, but perhaps it’s best to form your own opinion by visiting Kununu.

Have we perked up your interest? We offer a host of opportunities at b.telligent. For job openings, please click here.

Persons to contact

“Super procedure, extremely friendly and competent people – both the HR department and future supervisors were very friendly and accommodating.” (Kununu user on the recruiting process at b.telligent)


Martin Fleischer

After studying business administration in Germany and The Netherlands, I started in 2007 at one of the largest European employment agencies. Here I learned the recruiting trade from the bottom up, and remained in this field through the summer of 2014, at which point I decided to switch to the corporate side. The decision was easy for me, since b.telligent was my client and I already knew the company very well. My gut feeling at the time was right: no bureaucracy, lots of room to make decisions, much responsibility, and very cordial colleagues!

Being responsible for recruiting new employees, it’s very important for me to look at more than just the candidate during the interview. I want to know why this is person interested in us. What hobbies does he/she have? Where would this person like to be in a few years? Generally, one or two colleagues from the relevant department also take part in the interview to pose technical questions.


Svetlana Stöckert

Svetlana Tyantova

After getting my degree in 2010 in Russia, I worked and traveled for three years in China and then decided in 2013 to pursue my career in Germany. My dream was always to be a communications specialist, because communications is the core of interhuman relationships. Since communications is one of the key skills in recruiting, I was lucky to have gained some working experience at a recruiting agency during my master’s program in intercultural communications. At the time, my decision to go into recruiting was intuitive – and now I’m as happy as a fish in water.

I’ve been working here as a Recruiting & Freelancer Manager since 2016; it was love at first sight. My impressions during initial interviews are repeatedly confirmed: motivated colleagues to teach you a lot, reciprocal support, and the chance to keep growing.

As the Recruiting & Freelancer Manager, I find it vital to develop a trusting relationship with candidates and freelancers to ensure long-lasting teamwork.


Julia Heigl

Julia Heigl

Professional, authentic and cordial - my impression from the first conversation at b.telligent, which is corroborated newly each day. After my studies in business administration with specialization in the hotel sector and tourism in Freiburg and Helsinki, and three years in personnel consulting, I looked around purposefully for a position involving in-house recruitment.

Sought. Found. The expectations and gut feelings concurred on both sides, and everything else then happened very quickly. My responsibilities include supervision of the department and candidates in the entire recruitment process. An activity which brings lots of variety and which I enjoy greatly. Every day is different, giving me the opportunity to organize my time personally, and contribute and develop according to my own interests.

As concerns candidates, I am particularly interested in learning where they see their strengths and how they can get involved, not only in projects, but also as part of the enterprise and the team. Because as a "b.telligent family", we develop jointly.


Claudia Wagner

After my studies in business psychology in Germany and the USA, I became familiar with the recruitment market, first from the agency perspective, and later from the in-house perspective. I found the consulting sector industry particularly dynamic, which is why I switched to b.telligent in 2017.

The fast process and professional training have remained positive memories for me. Since then, I have learnt something new every day, and been pleased to form part of a team in which collegiality, drive, and above all, fun are important. We inspire each other to discover and win new talent - plenty of free space being available here for creative ideas.

During job interviews, I attach particular importance to what motivates a candidate and what they are aiming for. Because not only "hard facts", but also team spirit and a passion for BI topics, above all, are the basis for long-term, rewarding cooperation at b.telligent.


Stefanie Lenz

Already during my training previously as an industrial clerk, I was able to gain initial experience in the field of human resources. From then on, I knew: That's something I'd like to do.

I went on to study business administration, specializing in personnel management, in Munich. The course had been set: All I needed now was to find the right vacancy. Beginning as a working student at btelligent, I subsequently found my career start here. And now - one and a half years later - I can only say: I was right on target!

As someone responsible for the areas of human resources & recruiting, I am excited by the diversity, in particular. Conducting interviews, discovering strengths and weaknesses, and motivating candidates is always very stimulating.

Most importantly, however, I have found a new (professional) family - one which grows with each new employee.