b.telligent’s Career Model


Your career – b.telligent’s career model – our joint mission

We conceive a personalized plan for your career, guide and advise you at each rung of the job ladder, and always keep an eye on the model that best fits your life-cycle – because that’s our joint mission.


Our career model – the matching career for each profile

Our transparent career model has progressive rungs, with clearly-defined requirements for each development step. Only if you are aware of each rung of the ladder and comprehend our expectations, can we jointly define the building blocks of your career. This means that we together plan your personal, technical, and professional development at b.telligent, driven clearly by what you expect to achieve with us. Regardless of whether you prefer to pursue a management stream, see your strengths in the project acquisition, or become an expert for a specific technology, we have the right job for you at b.telligent.

An Overview of our Job Levels

We conduct regular annual, monthly and weekly feedback rounds/reviews, which helps us stay informed of where you are and how we can be of help in furthering your career. Jointly defined short, medium, and long-term objectives guarantee that you can focus on following the steps along your particular professional path. Moreover, we provide comprehensive further education and individual coaching options to enhance your skills and help push your career. We proactively guide you along your path without any hesitation.

The challenges in each project vary at each job level. As an associate consultant, you’ll work on a client project with more experienced colleagues and learn fast and how to work responsibly. An important part of this is managing a subproject. Furthermore, you’ll get an insight into complex structures at clients’ premises.

As a senior consultant, one step up the ladder, you could manage a project alone and supervise professional aspects of the team. At this step, you lay the foundation stone for your future career.  We don’t believe in the ‘up or out’ approach. Instead, we shape your personal development by constantly working with you.

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Employee Development


At b.telligent, we believe in a comprehensive development program

We place great value on ongoing development of our staff. In a dynamic environment like BI, it is essential to have an extensive and multifaceted program for further education and training. Our training is designed to meet the diverse needs of our consultants, whereby we help you to augment your professional and personal potential. Whether it concerns your long-term career plans, or selection of the right training session, count on us to always be at your side – because your professional development is our job.

Our consulting assignments essentially give you the necessary training on the job. Yet, we have a variety of training programs to broaden your knowledge and skills.

In line with your career plans and agreed upon goals, we advise you on external training and certification programs of relevance. Together with these, our wide-ranging, in-house training sessions help to round off your development.


In-house training sessions – the b.telligent University

At our b.telligent University, experienced b.telligent consultants hold internal training sessions to teach you important material and enable you to acquire decisive skills via presentations, interactive workshops, or regular classes. In addition to professional or technically-oriented training sessions, we also stress soft skills of special significance in consulting. 

  • Our standard training program is for all job levels. It focuses on basic skills that each b.telligent consultant should have for her/his job. All the training is practice-oriented and helps you to perform well on your project. It includes project management training, leadership training for potential project leaders, how to communicate with stakeholders, etc. 
  • Presentations give you an insight into selected technologies, methodologies, and technical issues. Hence, we emphasize new impulses from the world of BI, such as the topic of big data. Moreover, we encourage knowledge exchanges among colleagues, especially through discussions held at the end of the presentations.
  • Our Webinars on the b.telligent infrastructure inform you of technical novelties about our internal systems used daily.

You can easily participate in our b.telligent University training programs via Web/teleconferencing – anytime, anywhere – from your home, a train, hotel, etc.

Your Development

Your supervisor will present the key components of your growth, by always assisting you in your career and personal development, and serving as your coach and advisor to plan your future. Constant interaction with the supervisor helps you to define and execute your long-term career goals at b.telligent – in the spirit of, “Learn together, grow together, win together.”

We also have a wide range of specially tailored training sessions for our managers, because we believe in matching your development precisely to your needs – regardless of your hierarchy level. This ensures that we empower you to unfold your talents and fully exploit your potential over the long-term.