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CDP Vendors Spotlight: Optimove

About Optimove

Referred to as a "market leader" and "one of the few successful start-up companies in Tel Aviv" by the Huffington Post in 2014 , Optimove has remained profitable to this day from the beginning, and grown to over 100 employees without receiving any outside capital. In September 2016, seven years after the market launch of Optimove, the company accepted its first investment. IGP, a private-equity investment firm which provides growth capital for technology start-ups in the late phase, performed a round of investment of USD 20 million for Optimove. The funds are being used to accelerate the company's growth.

Optimove is used by leading brands like 1-800-Flowers, Glossier, Lucky Vitamin,, eBags, Adore Me, Freshly, La Perla, Deezer, Stitch Fix, Chubb, Outbrain,, Sports Bet and Leo Vegas.  The company serves its clients from offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

Customer Data Platform categorization

Optimove's science-first relationship marketing hub uses artificial intelligence (AI) to promote emotionally intelligent relations which maximize the value of every customer. By way of the combination of marketing skills and data science, Optimove conveys to marketers of over 250 brands the emotional intelligence required to communicate most effectively with customers at all times via all available channels. Optimove makes it possible to understand and influence customer behaviour, and thereby achieve measurable growth.

Optimove furthermore makes it possible to develop and manage customer marketing plans which allow automated, highly effective, personalized customer communication via single or multiple channels (e-mail, SMS, push notification, on-site, Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) - in advance or in response to real-time customer behaviour.

Optimove is an advanced customer data platform based on unique technologies such as predictive customer modelling, cross-channel campaign automation, dynamic customer journey and self-optimizing personalization. It helps marketers maximize customer spending, commitment, loyalty and lifetime.

The customer data platform can be assigned as follows among the various CDP categories:


CDP features  

The Optimove customer data platform contains the following features:





Integration of non-relational and relational data by the integration team in the project setup, data for the statistical model are loaded daily, real-time data can also be integrated. 


Statistical modeling of segments, extensive reporting functionalities, Optibot supports campaign optimization with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). 

Engagement Campaign

Optimove offers extensive campaign functionalities, both additional Optimove channel modules (Optimail, Optipush) and external service providers can be connected. 


Highlights of the Optimove CDP

The highlights of Optimove include self-optimizing campaigns as well as Optibot.

Self-optimizing campaigns

A self-optimizing campaign is a recurring campaign series which is automatically optimized in the course of time. The algorithm of Optimove tracks the behaviour of competing actions for each micro-segment within the campaign's target group, and uses the data to customize the cluster action mix step-by-step in order to maximize gains. As a result, each customer receives the campaign to which they react most readily every time.


Optibot autonomously converts customer and campaign performance data into valuable findings, so that you can continually optimize your relationship marketing activities. The very first marketing optimization bot uses KI and ML to automate analysis and interpretation of the performance of marketing campaigns and, in response to a click, recommend actionable findings which significantly increase the campaign's effectiveness in the course of time.


Target group

For marketing teams seeking an introduction to analytical optimization of campaigns, Optimize is a tool which provides user-friendly support via an appealing interface.


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